HACHI Use and Care Instructions

1. Check for chips or cracks before use. 

     Do not use if you find any imperfections.


2. Wash your HACHI before use.


3. Take caution when handling.

HACHI is made of porcelain so it will break when dropped on a hard surface.


4. HACHI becomes extremely hot during and after use. 

Take caution and use oven mitts when handling.


5. Do not place HACHI (both the body and lid) directly on surfaces that are not heat resistant.

Make sure to use trivets when placing on tabletops.


6. Do not heat your HACHI when empty.


7. Do not use for deep-frying.


8. Avoid soaking your HACHI in water for a long time.

If heated before it’s fully dried, it may crack.

Make sure to dry it thoroughly before each use.


9. The bottom of your HACHI will burn when heated with an insufficient amount of water, when overheated, or when heated too strongly. Be cautious of the heat temperature. 


Country of Manufacture: Japan (Arita Ceramics)

Material: Special Heat-Resistant Ceramic

Gas Cooktop, Electric Cooktop, Oven, Microwave SAFE

*Cannot be used on induction cooktops. 

Freezer/Refrigerator SAFE. Tolerant to -4℉. Resistant to 932℉

Dishwasher SAFE

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