Yakisoba  - Japanese Fried Noodles - 

(1 Serving)

0.1 lb pork (thinly sliced) , 0.1 lb cabbage, 

0.1 lb green pepper, 0.1 lb carrot, 0.1 lb onions

1 pack of Yakisoba noodles 

1 small pack of Yakisoba sauce

1 tablespoon vegetable oil



1) Thinly slice the cabbage, green peppers (remove the seeds), and carrots (with about 1.6” x 0.4”).

2) Detangle the noodles and cut the pork into 1.2” slices, then put both together into a bowl. 

3) Add the vegetable oil into the noodles and pork, then mix them well with Yakisoba sauce.

4) Place the noodles into the HACHI and add the vegetables on top. Then, spread the thinly sliced pork into doughnut-shapes on top of the vegetables.

5) Put the lid on the HACHI and heat it in a microwave at 600 watts (Power Level 5) for 4 minutes.

6) Mix the contents well, change insuring to ensuring the bottom and top contents are mixed together, in the HACHI and serve them on a plate.

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